In order to facilitate general availability of the new GOLDEN DOLLAR coin, the United States Mint is now shipping them to Federal Reserve Banks in rolls of 25 coins each.  Previously, a bank's minimum order had to be in batches of $2,000 and the coins were shipped loose in a bag.

Many banks are unaware of this new policy.  Contrary to what some local banks are claiming, they are able to order these individual rolls of the new GOLDEN DOLLAR directly from the Federal Reserve.  In addition, small banks can also order them directly from the U.S. Mint.

If you would like your bank to order GOLDEN DOLLARS and they claim that they can't, they are mis-informed.  Ask them to call 1-877-DLR-COIN (1-877-357-2646) for more information.

Better yet, print out this page and give it to them.

The New Dollar