Previous United States One Dollar Coins

The Susan B. Anthony Dollar

1979-1981, 1999: The Susan B. Anthony Dollar

1971-1978: The Eisenhower Dollar

All About The Eisenhower Dollar

1921-1935: The Peace Dollar

The last circulating silver dollar

1878-1921: The Morgan Dollar

The most famous U.S. Silver Dollar

1854-1889: The Indian Liberty Gold Dollar

Features Lady Liberty with a Native American Headdress

1849-1854: The Coronet Liberty Dollar

First Gold One Dollar Coin

[Picture missing]

1840-1873: The Seated Liberty Dollar

First U.S. one dollar coin to display "In God We Trust" motto

1836-1839: The Seated Liberty, Flying Eagle Dollar


1795-1803: The Draped Bust Liberty Dollar

1794-1795: The Flowing Hair Liberty Dollar

The first U.S. Silver Dollar

The New Dollar