The Golden Dollar

I see commercials on TV touting the new dollar coin but where are they? They have been out for a month now. When I went to the bank (Sovereign Bank, Princeton, NJ) today and asked for 10 new dollar coins, the best they could do was come up with 8 Susan B. Anthonys.

Why are you spending money on TV commercials if they are not available?

If your bank claims that they are unable to obtain any GOLDEN DOLLARS, please call 1-877-DLR-COIN for assistance

to whom it may concern;
the golden coin is great. people asked me where i got it. i tell them i got it at wal-mart or at the bank. it's great 2 have a differant face on it. thank you.

yes i was wondering if anyone knew anything about a double stike on any of the new dollars? i would app. any info you could give me on that. thank you very much.

See the Golden Dollar Error Page

What information can you give me on a two headed golden dollar? A person I know received one from a Wal-mart. Is this a common misprint?

You may have been the butt of a joke, as EVERY GOLDEN DOLLAR has two heads on it  - Sacagawea and her baby!


I was shocked and appalled to find that the US Treasury Department was actively favouring a private business (Wal-Mart) as the principal source of the new Sacajawea dollar.  Not just any private business, mind you, but a business whose conduct promotes urban and suburban sprawl, the destruction of the businesses of our towns, and placing their own political agenda in their sales practices.  I find the government's conduct in this matter to be deceitful, disgraceful and quite likely illegal.  I appeal to all citizens and collectors to petition their congressmen to get the Treasury Department to stop this practice of political favoritism.

Furthermore I had noticed that the Washington dollar will still continue to be printed and used while the Sacajawea dollar is in circulation.  In my opinion this is a grievous mistake.  The Sacajawea dollar was introduced to replace the Washington dollar, not to supplement.  If the Washington dollar is continued to be produced, the Sacajawea dollar will never reach general circulation.  I believe it is the the best interest of us all to see the Washington dollar discontinued and to have production of the Jefferson $2 bill resumed.  That way the new coin can reach full circulation as was intended, just as the "loonie" has in Canada.

Rich Goranson
Amherst, NY

The Golden Dollar