How does the GOLDEN DOLLAR compare to the SUSAN B. ANTHONY?

Susan B. Anthony dollar

Golden Dollar


 SBA Coin

 Golden Dollar

 First Issued










 26.5 mm

 26.5 mm


 8.1 grams

8.1 grams


 2 mm

2 mm

 Clad Composition

 75% copper
25% nickel

  77% copper
4% nickel
7% manganese
12% zinc

 Core Composition

 100% pure copper

 100% pure copper
The GOLDEN DOLLAR has the same weight and dimensions as the SUSAN B. ANTHONY.  In addition, it is clad with a unique golden colored alloy designed to duplicate the magnetic signature of the SBA.  Because of this, the GOLDEN DOLLAR is completely interchangeable with the SBA for vending machine use.

The New Dollar