"The Coin Wholesaler", a newspaper for numismatics, contained an article in its December 1988/January 1989 issue entitled "Susan B. Anthony May Return as Christopher Columbus", by Ed Rochette.  In summary, the article states that the vending machine lobby is promoting the issuance of the new dollar mini-coin, but has taken measures to prevent a fiasco similar to that created by the Susan B. Anthony dollar a decade ago.  Taking a lead from foreign nations, which have created successful visually distinguishable high-denomination coins (gold color, double thickness), and have simultaneously withdrawn the corresponding paper currency, a coalition of 14 vending groups in the U.S. has hired Washington lobbyist James Benfield of Bracy Williams & Company, to promote the cause of the new minidollar.  Citing the tremendous monetary savings to taxpayers (it is much more economical over time to mint dollar coins vs. printing paper money), the vending coalition has set a target date of 1992 for the new coin.  It is advocating similar dimensions as the Susan B. Anthony dollar -- but a gold color in order to distinguish it from other coins.  The coalition has already garnered the sponsorship of 46 members of the House of Representatives and 16 senators.

The Columbus connection is also a plus for acceptance.  Because of the high interest focused on the Quincentenary and Christopher Columbus, there should be little resistance to the selection of the commemorative imprint.

The New Dollar

The New Dollar Coin