The New Dollar

Experts react to new $1 coin design,
applaud return to symbolism

Officials of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), a non-profit organization of some of the countrys top rare coin and paper money experts, are applauding approval of a design concept for the planned new $1 denomination coin.

"We will have a wonderful return to the rich tradition of symbolically representing Liberty, a tradition that dates back to the very beginnings of United States circulating coins in 1793.  A century ago, our pennies depicted Liberty wearing an Indian headdress.  These new $1 coins could be similar in spirit," said PNG President Richard Schwary of Inglewood, California. 

1897 penny

"Money is history you can hold in your hands.  For more than 200 years, most of our coins have artfully depicted allegorical representations of ideas and ideals, not dead dignitaries.  We welcome the symbolic return of Miss Liberty to our pocket change."

PNG officials presented Congressional testimony in recent years on behalf of a new, circulating $1 denomination coin and the planned commemorative quarter dollars that will honor each of the 50 states, explained PNG Legislative Liaison, Donn Pearlman of Chicago. 

"From the beginnings of federal coinage in the 1790s through the first half of this century, changing designs on our coins was a relatively common and accepted occurrence.  It's only been in recent decades that a beautiful tradition was halted, but now its time to put pride back in our pockets," Pearlman added.

The New Dollar